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Korean Girl Band

Korean Girl Band

Nowadays girls band seems like become a fanatic to teenagers and even young adult. Most of the people are influenced by their trend and fashions. There are few girls bands that I know which I listed in here. You can find out more in wikipedia and other websites. I just summarize out from what I've research =). This are the bands that I know and enjoy alot. Gosh I just don't like those anti fans on each of the girl groups. Why don't you all just sit down and enjoy each of their talents.^^

Just click on the big title of the band name to see the videos. I have link up the video on the title.. So that you'll easily find their videos.

LOL.. HAM.. I thought is a food.. HAM is abbreviated from Heart and Mind. The member are Su-Jin, Min U, Ga Yeon and Hyo Ni. Hmm.. this would be the other version of CSJH.. I love their soulful voice.. Can't wait them to move forward..

2NE1 (Korean: 투 애니원; pronounced "To Anyone" or "twenty-one") is another girl group created by YG Entertainment. First appearing in a Cyon commercial campaign with Big Bang for LG Telecom, their debut single "Fire" was released on May 6, 2009. On May 17, 2009 the group debut with their first single "Fire" on SBS's Inkigayo. The member are Park Bom, CL, Gong Min Ji, and Sandara Park. For me, I love their stlye.. I mean the other version of Big Bang..

4 minute is the other versions of 2ne1 (in my opinion) form by Cube Entertainment! The members are Ga Yoon; JiYoon; HyuNa; So Hyun; Ji Hyun. Hmm.. I don't think they had much songs in You tube so far I know they are popular with their songs Hot Issue. The other songs such as What a girl wants.

Girls Generation is also known as SNSD acronym to So Nyeo Shi Dae. Their genre of the group is K-pop and dance pop. There is 9 in member the group that formed by SM Entertainment. They are Yoona(18), Tiffany(19), Yuri(19), Hyoyeon(19), Sooyoung(19), Seohyun(17), Taeyeon (20), Jessica(19), and Sunny(19). Tae Yoon is the leader of this group. Some of the members become DJ, MC, modeling or acting other than singing in their group. They debut on the year 2007.

The name of Kara is comed from the greek name "chara" which means sweet melody. They are under DaeSung Production. Their group genre is K-pop, R&B and dance.Their members are Park Gyu Ri(20), Han Seung Yeon(20), Nicole Jung(17), Kang Ji Young(18), Gu Ha Ra(15). Gyu Ri is the leader of the group. Nicole written rap lyrics for the first album of Kara and had the ideo of chereography in dancing for 'Yo Jump' in Rock You. Their group get actives in the year 2007 until now.

Pink Heart

Hmm.. what can I say here.. This girl group is the most youngest girl band among all the band I posted up here. They are called as Pink Heart. They are under Xing Entertainment. The members are Kim Won-Hee/”Vanilla” (15), Park Seo-Jin/”Caramel” (14), Jeon Min-Joo/”Choco” (14) and Park Su-Ji/”Candy” (12). As you can see here, their name are childish kind. As for me, i rather let my name remain as Crystal. Their genre are K-Pop childish kind.

Wonder Girls

This is one of the famous korean girl band under the JYP Entertainment which this company specialized in dancing cheoreography. There are 5 members which their name is Sunye
Yubin(20),Ye-eun(19),Sun Ye(19),Sunmi(16),Sohee(16). Sun Ye is the leader and vocalist of the group. Yu Bin is the rapper for the group and the others are the vocalist. This band had gone to many place such as Singapore, Thailand, Los Angeles, New York and other place in United States during their JYP tour. Anyway I love their dancing moves in 'Nobody' and 'Tell Me'.

Burning Lady
Burning Lady aka Burning-L. As you can see from the picture they had the talents as FT Island and so called as the FT Island female version. There are 4 members which are Da Hyun (20) vocalist, Sun Joo (23) Guitarist, Hyo Eun (21) Drummer and Shin Woo (21) Bassist. This band haven't debuted yet where they are now practicing and finalizing for their album. Anyway, can't wait for their appearance of their talents.

This is a new girl band also. For what I can say. Their vocal are cool and don't look too cute as other girl band such as SNSD.. LOL.. anyway I'm not anti to any band. I just love for what they are. There are 3 member group manage by Castle J Entertainment. They debut on a mini album on the January 2009.

They also known as B.E.G. They are manage by Nega Networks. Their genre are Kpop and R&B. They debut on the year 2001. The members are Hyo Jo Kim (25) , Gae In Son (21), Park Hyo Jin (25) and Mi Hyeo Cho (25) as Rapper. The other member are the vocalist. They started out with a more soulful, R&B sound with pop and hip hop influences. Later they changed with a musical directions fitting towards Korean dramas. Currently they work with a more Electronic Pop sound with influences from R&B and Hip Hop.

This girl band consist of two singer which is Kang Ming Kyung(19) and Lee Hae Ri (24). They are korean pop ballad genre. Anyway I just know this band this year.. I love their voice.. Nice vocal.. Worth to listen to their song..
They are also known as CSJH(Chun San Ji Hee) or TSZX (Thian Shan Zi Xin) in mandarin and TJCK (Tenjochiki) in Japan. They are form in the year of 2005 by SM Entertainment. Their genre are Kpop, Jpop, Acapella, R&B and dance. The members are Stephanie(22),Lina(25), Sunday(22) and Dana (22). For me, I like their soulful voice. They voice suits their group name Grace.

They also known as 'A.S'. They are manage by the Pledis Entertaiment. They debuted on January 2009. Their genre are Kpop, R&B, dance and hip hop. The members are Park Ga Hee(26) the leader, vocalist and rapper, Kim Jung Ah (25) as vocalist, Yoo Soo Young (23)as vocalist, Lee Joo Yeon (21)as vocalist and Bek Ha (19) as rapper and vocalist.

The group name "SeeYa" came from See You Always and See You Again, which means that the group wishes to live eternally through their music for their fans. They are under Mnet Media. They sometimes called as "Women SG Wannabe". Their genre are Kpop, dance, ballad and R&B. The female trio are made up of Nam Gyu Ri(24) the leader and vocalist, Kim Yeon Ji(22) as vocalist and Lee Bo Ram (23) as lead vocalist. I like their voices too. Anyway they had various way when they sing their song.

This group is also known as Magic Soul of Oriental. Miso means beautiful smiles. This group is the first Korean group that have members that come from different country. They debuted on the year 2008. The members are Megumi (Japan), Ha Hwang Haiyen (Vietnam), Rina (China), and Park Jin In (Korea)

Big Mama is under the M Boat Company which is a former sister to YG Entertainment. They are known for their powerful and soulful voice. They are named as Big Mama because of their appearance of over weight and in korean industries they are in not a pretty category. However, they have attracted people by their soulful voice. The member are Shin Yeon Ah, Lee Young Hyun, Lee Ji Young and Park Min Hye.

They debut on the year 2001 and manage by M.Net Media. The members are Park Jung Ah (main vocal), SeoIn Young (main vocal), Ha Joo Yeon(rapper and subvocal) and Kim Eun Jung(lead vocal). There genre are Kpop.

This is band may also know as know as Fine Killing Liberty which the group want to mean it as the oppression of all feedom. Ermm.. I rather know them as Fin KL, this sounds much more better than the full name..This group is also under DaeSung Production. This group is the most popular girl group in their time. The group members are Lee Hyo Ri, Oak Joo Hyun, Lee Jin, and Sung Yu Ri. Some of the members had leave this company to join other company. Maybe the profits of other company are given to them more. Anyway all of them had their successful career now such as Lee Hyo Ri, Sung Yu Ri and Oak Joo Hyun.

This girl group is also known as Long Pretty Girls. Erm.. do they look long? Ok Ok.. there is a story behind the band name. As you can see their name showcases the fact that all four members of this group were pageant participants, with two of them even making it into the Miss Korea pageant. The members are Yoon Ah, Yoon Oh, Han Young and Soon Ah. Anyway they are not as popular as other girl band. They debut in the year of 2005.

This group is debuted in the year 2002 and disband on 2006. Their genre are K-POP and J-POP. They are under Starworld in Korea and Toy's Factory in Japan. The members are Ayumi, Soo Jin,Hyee Seung and Haleen. Their song are not into cute version. They focused on rock songs and mid tempo ballad.

This is a descendant group of Baby Vox. This group has been revealed in the year 2006. The group's subtitle "Re.V" stands for Renaissance Voices. They are under DR Music. The members are Ahn Jin Kyoung, Yang Eun Ji, Hwang Yeon Kyeong,Min Jin, and Park So Ri. Anyway, some of the members had continue their study and some had other business such as their acting career.

This group is debuted on the year of 1997 to 2005 under the DR Music. This is also one of the most popular group in South Korea that time. By the end of the contract all the members left the company and sign other contract with other company. The members are Kim E Z(30), Lee Hee Jin(30), Kan Mi Youn(27), Shim Eu Jiun(28), and Yoon Eun Hye(25). Anyway, all of them go with their own way to continue their career such as acting, modelling and MC ing in other TV shows.

This group is under SM Entertainment's sister which is BM Entertainment. This group M.I.L.K stands for Made in Lovely Kin. They debuted on the year 2001 and disband on the 2003. They gone off to their own business after the band disband in modelling, acting, Mcing and singing, The members are Seo Hyun Jin(24),Kim Boo Mi (25), Bae Yu Mi (25) and Park Hae Boon (26). Park Hae Boon is the leader of the group.

This band name is named according to the member name which is Sea also known as Bada(29), Eugene(28) and Shoo(28). This group had sign their contract with SM Entertainment. Their genre are K-pop, J-pop, bubblegum pop and R&B. They debut on the year 1997 and end on year 2007. From years to years, the members have gone through various style and image changes, from cute to sexy to mature. They had gain lots of popularity during that year.

This group is also known as Song Will Tell the acronym of SWI-T. They are under YG Entertainment. 3 members in the group. They were featured in 1TYM group as the rappers in some performance they perform in concerts. The members are Lee Eun Ju, Ahn Na Young and Sung Mi Hyun.
CLEO acronym to Come Listen EveryOne. The members are Kim Ha Na, Jung Yea Bin, and Han Hyung Jung.

This group debut on year 1999 to 2000. The group consisted of 5 girls. During its time the group performed in several music tv shows and concerts. The name originally meant “To the Maximum” but was later changed to “Taste the Maximum”. The members are Soy (29), Queena (26), Juhae (25), Semi (28) and Ujin (28). Now the members that currently active in entertainment is Soy which is the host of Pops in Seoul.

I hope you all enjoy reading what I've written here. This is just a short information about the Korean Girl Band. Everyone had their faorite Korean Girl Band. Their age are according their year of birth for this year. There are other more band that I did not list out because I do not know them very well. However, you can search more on the net. I hope this information would be useful to those who interested in Korean Girl Band. =)

Leave a comment below and tell me which band you like the most and why you like them. You may also ask anything about them by leaving comments. Thanks for viewing.


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manuk said...

Hey help me out here!
I remembered watching KBS Music Bank last year. I couldn't recall the name. It was a 2009 Ballad/Rap song. A girl was singing in Ballad while the other 2 girls were rapping. It kinda sounds like Baek Ji Young's -Being Hit by a Bullet-
I wanna know the group/song title....

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